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Will I regain weight after bariatric surgery?

Dr. Sergio Del Hoyo – Bariatrics Health Mexico


One of the most common concerns among patients who undergo weight loss surgery is: Will I regain the weight after my bariatric surgery? At Bariatrics Health Mexico, we’ll provide personalized support during your entire weight loss journey.


1. Diet & Nutrition

Healthy diet and exercise is the most important consideration in to prevent weight gain after your weight loss surgery. Unfortunately, the bad habits and mindsets that originally caused the obesity do not disappear with surgery alone, and they could continue to contribute to weight gain following bariatric surgical. It’s important to follow Dr. Sergio del Hoyo’s recommendations and work on adapting to your new, healthy lifestyle. 


2. Understand the Cause of Weight Gain

Another key to a successful weight loss surgery is to understand the cause of weight gain. A thorough evaluation may be required to determine the factors (medical, psychological, or lifestyle) that initially triggered the weight gain. Weight gain after bariatric surgery could be due to changes in your stomach or intestines. 


After weight loss surgery, it’s important to begin changing your eating habits, exercise routine and lifestyle. This process is different for each person and each individual body type, based on differences in metabolism, body shape, genetics, etc.


You shouldn’t be alarmed if you notice some weight gain after bariatric surgery, however by making small changes in your lifestyle beforehand, you can help to prevent it. Depending on Dr. Sergio del Hoyo’s instructions and the bariatric procedure chosen, some patients find adapting to this new lifestyle regime easier than others. It’s important to follow a healthy diet and and lifestyle to promote your overall health and wellbeing.


It’s essential to consult with our nutritionist who is specialized in the sports and nutrition industry to receive a personalized plan for eating and exercise based on your body type.  Remember to focus on improving your lifestyle and the quality of your food in order to avoid gaining weight after bariatric surgery, 


Tips to avoid weight gain after bariatric surgery:

-    Increase the frequency of meals (up to 5 times a day) in smaller portions

-    Reduce the amount of calories per meal

-    Avoid long periods of time without food

-    Balance the varied food groups


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