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What is gastric sleeve surgery?

There are many types of weight loss surgeries to choose from, gastric sleeve surgery is among the most common. Before deciding on which weight loss option you would like, it’s important to have a consultation with our bariatric surgeon, Dr. Sergio del Hoyo, who will listen to your questions and your health history and he, along with his team of specialists, will clarify all your questions and recommend the best weight loss options for you.

Prior to gastric sleeve surgery, it’s important that you know what the gastric sleeve procedure consists of and why it’s one of the most common weight loss methods.


What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is an tried and true procedure which allows patients to achieve permanent and significant weight loss in a safe and healthy manner. This is one of the types of weight loss surgeries where you will see results in a short time frame after your procedure.

Weight loss surgery has been shown to reduce excess body weight by 80% to 100% as long as there is a full commitment to changing the diet, adapting the daily lifestyle and following the instructions from Dr. Sergio del Hoyo and his team of specialists at Bariatrics Health Mexico.

During gastric sleeve surgery, Dr. Sergio del Hoyo will reduce the size of the stomach by approximately 80%. By reducing the capacity of the stomach, the patient will feel satiated with smaller portions of food. Restricting the intake of food in this way is one of the factors why gastric sleeve surgery delivers such incredible results.

Research has shown that weight loss surgeries such as gastric sleeve and gastric bypass could also help to reduce anxiety disorders by removing a portion of the stomach where ghrelin is produced, also known as the "hunger hormone."


Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery 

Gastric sleeve surgery is a restrictive bariatric procedure that can reduce, and possibly eliminate, issues related secondary health conditions such diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, joint pain and sleep apnea.

Our team at Bariatrics Health Mexico and Dr. Sergio del Hoyo, Bariatric Surgeon, will ensure that you receive above-and-beyond patient care while working towards short and long-term successes in your weight loss journey.

Make an appointment online today at Bariatrics Health Mexico, an excellent bariatric surgery center located in Puerto Vallarta -- one of the primary medical tourism destinations in Mexico. Dr. Sergio del Hoyo accompanied by a team of specialists, are ready to clarify all your questions begin the process toward achieving the results and the life change you’re looking for.


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