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10 Tips to Eating Healthy During the Holidays


At Bariatrics Health Mexico, we know it can be difficult to maintain healthy eating habits during the holidays since the daily routines are thrown off course temporarily. Although the looming food decisions may seem daunting, it is possible to enjoy this time of year while eating healthy during the holidays. 


Dr. Sergio del Hoyo recommends the following tips to eat healthy during the Christmas season:


1. Keep the Water Close

Natural water is your best ally to eat healthy and avoid food cravings. Avoid soft drinks, fruit juices (even all natural) or other beverages with a high sugar content that can trigger more sugar cravings. 


2. Master the Portions

Although you’re out of your typical routine, try to balance your carbohydrates, proteins and fats based on what you already know. If you go to a new restaurant, eat a smaller portion. Often, restaurants provide at least 2 times the normal portion size. To take back the control, when you order, ask for an empty to-go box with your food. When your food arrives, portion half of it directly into the to-go box. This way, you can enjoy the restaurant’s food with family and friends, while also eating normal portion sizes. 


3. Avoid the Alcohol

In addition to being counterproductive to your health, alcoholic beverages contain many “hidden” calories and don’t provide any nutrients in return. Also, alcohol can lead to lower inhibition, especially concerning food cravings. 


4. Eat Your Veggies

One major ally to eating healthy during the holidays is piling on the steamed vegetables.  Adding a healthy portion of veggies to each meal will not only fill you up with very little calories but they can help to curb cravings. Eat healthy daily when you add up your vegetables! 


5. Get Outside 

How to maintain weight during the holidays? Get moving! Outdoor activities are also a great way to bond with friends and family. Take a walk on the beach, go swimming or take a bike ride through the city. These types of activities will help maintain weight while also having fun.


6. Nix the Fast Food

Fast food is so tempting, but these products contain so many “hidden” calories and added sugars that trigger more cravings later in the day.  Dr. Sergio del Hoyo recommends choosing restaurants where with healthy options and like salads and grilled chicken. It’s important to be careful because even salads and grilled check can contain fats and sugars when prepared at fast food restaurants. 


7. About Buffets…

This relates back to portion sizes, it’s so easy to overlook portion sizes when there’s a buffet. For buffets, we recommend taking only one plate and only one trip. Think of it as if you were actually ordering that food from the menu and were only allowed one plate. Remember that everyone around you has different weight loss goals and focus on your personal goals to eat healthy.  


8. Ration your Meals

Instead of eating three hearty meals each day, try to break it down into 5 to 6 smaller meals. This will help you feel satisfied to continue your day and continue to maintain the diet.


9. Choose healthy snacks

Give priority to snacks rich in healthy fats and proteins such as nuts, nuts and seeds.


10. Say No to Desserts

This may be one of the hardest things to do over the holidays since friends and family will be indulging in the sweets all around you. But be mindful that they have different goals than you have, and eating one sweet can cause a slippery slope to all of the rest. Avoid the cravings and try to avoid desserts all together. 


Remember, at Bariatrics Health Mexico, Dr. Sergio del Hoyo and our team of experts are here for you. You can chat with us online today about the best ways to maintain your diet over the holidays and let us know your pressing bariatric surgery or weight loss questions and we’ll be happy to assist you.  Contact us before your arrival in Puerto Vallarta to get to know you and offer you the best options to lose weight.


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