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Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and worldwide is perhaps the most performed bariatric surgery in this day and age.

Gastric Sleeve is a safe and highly effective procedure for the treatment of obesity and overweight.


In Bariatrics Health Mexico, our team of experts in the bariatric and nutritional field will be ready to guide you and help you through the entire process of your weight loss surgery in Mexico.


Gastric sleeve surgery is recommended for patients with a BMI of over 35, classified as obesity, with associated diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, etc. It is also recommended for patients who have over 40 Body Mass Index, with or without associated diseases.
Gastric sleeve surgery can be considered as a single treatment surgery in most cases or as a first-time surgery for patients who suffer from super obesity. In patients with super obesity, it’s not safe to complete the procedure in only one surgery as it takes a significant amount of time and the process is technically more complex. Gastric Sleeve is the first surgical step for a Duodenal Switch surgery.
Gastric Sleeve is capable of helping patients lose up to 70% or 80% of excess bodyweight in an average time frame of 6 to 12 months. These results are reflected in patients who strictly adhere to habit changes, attachment to nutrition.
Gastric Sleeve is considered a restrictive bariatric procedure and can significantly control problems associated with obesity such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, arthralgias due to overweight, sleep apnea, and more.
Gastric Sleeve is a technically a simple surgery in well-trained hands. It’s performed laparoscopically and it creates a gastric tube which removes approximately 80% of the stomach. The stomach becomes smaller so its capacity to hold food is substantially lower and this results in the patient losing weight through food restriction. This creates the feeling of being full while eating less food.
It’s proven that Ghrelin, a hormone related to hunger as well as a lack of feeling full, are produced from cells located in the portion of stomach that is removed during Gastric Sleeve surgery.

In obese patients, Ghrelin production is much higher and drives the patient to continue to eat, even when food is no longer needed. When this hormone is reduced, the desire to eat decreases considerably and the patient is left satisfied with smaller food portions.
In this laparoscopic surgery, the average surgical time is 60 minutes, which makes it a safe surgery with prompt recovery, since patients stay only one night in hospital and they can begin walking after surgery on the same day.
You will be required to take protein, vitamin and mineral supplements, but the requirement is less strict than with the Gastric Bypass Surgery, and you’ll only need it for a set period of time.

These supplements allow the patient to eat a variety of food but in a quantity that the surgery permits. Dumping Syndrome does not occur in the Gastric Sleeve surgery.
It’s recommended that the bariatric surgery patient does not suffer from significant acid reflux in order to obtain the best surgical results. Weight loss surgery in patients with severe acid reflux have the potential to increase reflux symptoms due to increased pressure in the new stomach.
Gastric sleeve is a definitive and permanent surgery with excellent short- and long-term results. The stomach that is removed does not regenerate and, with the proper follow-up and adherence to medical instructions, the patient does not gain weight again.

If you’ve tried diet and exercise, but you gain the weight back over and over again, Gastric Sleeve is an excellent option for you, as it will allow you to lose your excess body weight in a safe and healthy manner.

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